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Kim Jordan Builders, LLC



Quality  Construction Techniques:

  Below are some examples of the extra processes Kim Jordan Builders utilizes in order to consistently build high quality homes.

These extra measures improve the quality of homes and offer homeowners up to 20% savings on their utility bills. 

Watch the video to see more of the techniques Kim Jordan Builders use to set themselves apart from other builders.


This photo shows an example of the radiant barrier installed under the roof decking.  This material reflects back 98% of the sun's radiant heat, thereby decreasing the amount of heat in the attic space.  This translates in to a cooler attic space and less work load on the air conditioning  unit. 



 Below is a photo depicting some of the caulking process.  Each 2 x 4 is caulked to the wall sheathing and the spaces between each board.  Caulk is applied at the bottom and top of each wall.  This stops air leakage - which is later verified with a blower door test.



  Each exterior door and window is also sealed with a non-expanding foam.  Note the caulk around the framing of the window header.  The insulation seen here is also face stapled to insure maximum insulation efficiency. 





Duct blaster testing is done as part of the Energy Star certification process.  This test verifies the duct work for the heating & cooling system are properly installed and sealed. 



Energy Star rater, Donald Starling, preparing to do a blower door test to determine the rate of air leakage  on a Kim Jordan Builder home.



 The photo below shows proper installation of insulation by face stapling.  Notice how every joint in the framing is caulked.  This is part of the process to eliminate air leakage.

 The photo below  shows one part of the air sealing process.  The caulking stops air drafts and saves you money on utility bills. There is another layer of caulk under the wall, too.