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Quotes Remodeling a 35 year old house is a scary thing. After we interviewed Kim Jordan Builders about doing our work, our concerns disappeared. It was easy to see she was very much a professional and knew exactly what she was doing. The sub-contractors Kim used were also professionals and the work was performed above and beyond the basic acceptance level. If there were unforeseen problems, everyone made a decision as to the best way to handle and correct the issue. Everyone was always on the same page. I am happy to say that our project was finished on time and within budget. We cannot begin to tell you the number of positive comments we have received regarding the changes in our home since our remodel was completed. Hats off to Kim Jordan Builders for a job well done! Quotes
Joe and Sandra Bandy
Satisfied Remodel Customer

Quotes Bob and Sandy Lambour moved to Easley from Houston, Texas in 2006. Bob is a retired mechanical engineer who worked for 36 years for a major international oil company. During his career, the couple moved almost every 5 years, purchasing new homes with each move. Bob said, "All our homes looked nice, however, none of them were as fundamentally well constructed or as well thought out as the home we purchased from Kim Jordan Builders. The home we purchased from Kim was nicely finished with great attention to detail. This is the only house we've ever owned that Sandy has not wanted to change after the purchase. We just moved in." Quotes
Bob & Sandy Lambour
Satisfied Home Owner